Things To Keep You Sane In Isolation

Or: things my friends made!


These are strange times. Even if you’re an introvert like I am, it’s amazing how much being unable to go out suddenly leaves you with a longing to just run and run and run across the field behind your parents house, into the sunset, forever and ever. Or maybe that’s just me. However you’re feeling, for the next few weeks, we’re all stuck inside and have to make the best of the time. Personally, I’m going to try and write something every week for this blog. Not that anyone can do anything if I don’t, because we have to stay two meters apart. But we also need things to read, watch and listen to, so below I’ve made a little list of things my friends have made. Please check them all out! (Heads up, there’s a lot for Doctor Who fans)

Black Archive #42: The Rings of Akhaten, by Will Shaw: The Black Archive books are a deep dive into individual Doctor Who stories, and Will’s look at the 2013 Matt Smith story has just been released. Will is an incredibly clear and thorough writer, and his reading of The Rings of Akhaten touches Nu-Atheism, Edward Said’s Orientalism, and cross-cultural feminist solidarity. If you love Who and its romantics, you have to read it! Available here physically and electronically:

Evan’s blog: Keeping in the Doctor Who world, Evan’s blog nicely marries it with his enthusiasm for maths in a clear and interesting way, even for a complete innumerate like me. His blog on how the Doctor may have accidentally once declared war using the number Pi is especially funny. His latest blog, which coincided with International Women’s Day, takes a look at some important women in STEM, a few of whom I hadn’t heard of before. Available here:

Sheffield Steel: Sam Maleski’s Sheffield Series is the absolutely seminal analysis of Jodie Whittaker’s era of Doctor Who. Deeply theorised, Sam wonderfully traces the theme of absence in the last two Doctor Who seasons, and they really capture the junk-gothic vibe that runs through it. Their articles on series 12 has not long wrapped up (you can read them here:, and you purchase the extra-filled version of series 11 here:

12th Doctor Adventures: Away from reading and towards listening! 12DA’s features a genuinely amazing impression of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor that is incredibly acted to boot. It features writing and acting to an incredible level from some of my best friends. You can listen through the first season and specials, and later this year a brand new second season will start. Check them out on twitter:

AudioHour Productions: These guys are a wonderful non-profit making audio plays in, as they say, ‘Any genre for every listener.’ I can definitely recommending their currently ongoing series ‘Verity Weaver’ — an amazingly thoughtful piece of novel science fiction which is perfect to listen to as your cooking, cleaning, gardening, and doing all your isolation things. Check them out on twitter:

This by no means an exhaustive list and I’ll definitely be doing updated versions over the weeks. Meanwhile, if you have a project you want to plug put it in the comments so others can see!

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